Student Discipline

In order for our children to develop a truly Christian character, discipline at home and at school must be similar, consistent, and unified. It is fundamental to the philosophy of Regina Coeli Academy that the atmosphere in school be respectful and orderly. Student cooperation and self-control are expected in order to uphold the dignity of the academic setting and the spiritual nature of the Academy. The student of Regina Coeli Academy exhibits the following behavior and attitudes:

Knows, understands, and abides by the rules of the Academy

Uses proper English, not slang, when speaking in school

Maintains a modest, neat, and well-groomed appearance in accord with the dress code

Gives assistance to other students when appropriate

Acknowledges the skill and talents of others

Is punctual in attendance and assignments

Addresses adults with respect, (e.g. Mr. Smith, or, in the event the name is not known, "Sir"; "Ma'am")

Cares for his own possessions and those of others, keeping the building neat and clean

Stands to greet the Head of School, Priest or visitor whom the teacher introduces

Apologizes for inappropriate behavior.
Greets Head of School, faculty, parents and visitors properly when meeting them in the hall