Introduction To The Catholic Faith
Introduction to the Catholic Faith The religion curriculum presents the beauty, logic, and saving truth of the Catholic Faith by the study of the following: Holy Scripture and Catholic doctrine, the seven Sacraments and the history of the Church, the primacy of St. Peter and the role of the Magisterium, papal encyclicals and the Fathers of the Church, the teaching of the Church Councils, the lives of the Saints. The celebration of the Holy Eucharist once a week, days of recollection, monthly Penance celebrations and daily prayer are integrated into the schedule. Emphasis is placed on familiarity with Scripture and the Catechism as well as on understanding and memorizing the truths of the faith. This coincides with the words of the Holy Father in Catechesis Tradendae where he states,

A certain memorization of the words of Jesus, of important Bible passages, of the Ten Commandments, of the formulas of profession of faith, of the liturgical texts, of the essential prayers, of key doctrinal ideas, etc., far from being opposed to the dignity of the young Christians, or constituting an obstacle to personal dialogue with the Lord, is a real need . . . Faith and piety do not grow in the desert places of a memory-less catechesis. What is essential is that the texts that are memorized must at the same time be taken in and gradually understood in depth, in order to become a source of Christian life on the personal level and the community level.