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A Joyful Grandparents Day

On Friday, October 19, the students of Regina Coeli Academy welcomed some very special guests…their grandparents! Grandparent’s Day started with a beautiful Mass celebrated by Fr. Janton followed by breakfast refreshments in the library. Each grade then presented something they had been working on in class in forum.

Our grandparents then had the opportunity to visit their grandchild’s classroom where the students were eager to show off their latest class project or recite a phonics jingle or piece of literature that they worked so hard to memorize! As a community, we then prayed the Most Holy Rosary. How beautiful it was for the students to pray the rosary with their grandparents! The day concluded with a lunch reception in the gym. We’d like to thank all those who joined us for this very special day! Our community is very blessed to have the wisdom and love that only grandparents can give.

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