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RCA is such a great fit for our family. We value the excellent Faith formation, the classical curriculum and the superb faculty. The broad age integration and small class sizes are a real perk, as is the frequent opportunity our children have to develop their public speaking and presentation skills at Student Forum. We’re enjoying getting to know many like-minded families that are striving to offer the same level of academic and spiritual excellence to their children. The open gym nights and other family fun activities are icing on the cake!

The Classical curriculum has endured the test of time and remains to be the best program for the faith and academic development of children. The Shurley English program is so well structured that our students look forward to their daily grammar lessons and don’t have to spend hours at home studying grammar rules in isolation. Our students have fun learning english grammar using daily sing along jingles, and sentence classifications. The Saxon Math Curriculum that we use is also a fun and interactive program. It is so well designed that our students perform at least one grade level higher than their stated grade. These are but a few examples of the reasons why your children will thrive here.

There are many aspects about Regina Coeli Academy that stand out over other schools we’ve been associated with in the past. By far, the most impressive is the quality and caliber of the people associated with the school. The faculty and administration have a passion for providing our children the finest education possible. The Classical Curriculum offered by the academy offers our children a tremendous opportunity to develop critical thinking, oratory and leadership skills, to name just a few. Not only do the faculty and staff have a passion for our children’s education, they also have a passion for our rich Catholic heritage. What a blessing it is for our children to spend time with, and be influenced daily by such exemplary role models, who live out their Catholic faith so joyfully each and every day.

I was very hesitant early on in enrolling my kids to a catholic school. I now know this was the best decision I made. Small class size, superb learning structure, loving faculty who takes educating kids very serious. I love RCA.

Regina Coeli Academy provides a Christ-centered, loving learning environment, implementing time-tested learning tools to effect the education of successful, confident students who are ready to undertake the challenges of the 21st century. Our children are ready to accept the academic demands of high school and are frequently tracked into advanced placement classes. The joys and rewards of teaching are manifested in the skills learned by the students through the outstanding classical curriculum, which is designed with the gifts of each age group in mind.The administration and faculty are strongly supportive of one another in all things spiritual and academic. Regina Coeli Academy is a vibrant, joy-filled school of which I am truly blessed to be a part.

Finding RCA was such a gift to my family. It is a school where children are encouraged to work hard, learn to think logically and are taught academic skills which will help them attain success in all future academic and professional pursuits. More importantly the faith formation and community of like-minded families present at RCA assure me that my children will leave RCA with their Faith intact, acting as a shield and support as they navigate a world that seeks at every turn to turn them from Christ and the truth of His teachings.

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