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Bullying is an inescapable reality for some children. Many feel they must endure, rather than enjoy their grade school experience. This often leaves parents feeling frustrated and without options. This was the case with a local mother in the Abington, PA area. She was feeling overwhelmed and anxious because her child was being bullied. She didn’t know what to do. Then she heard from a friend that Regina Coeli Academy is a bully-free school in the Abington, PA area.

Read her story and discover the difference a kind and supportive school environment made in the life of her family.

“Everyday my son would come home crying or would throw his school bag and tell me he didn’t want to talk about it. He was the victim of an ongoing bullying situation. At one point it was so bad that he wouldn’t even go out for recess or lunch and was always sad. He told me “what’s the point of doing anything if I couldn’t do anything right?”  His teacher and the principal did not seem to be concerned that there were children going out of their way to be mean to another student. This was unbelievable to me.  Then I heard from my friend about RCA and the kind of atmosphere that existed there. I brought my son in for a shadow day at RCA and he loved it instantly. He told me when I picked him up that he wanted to go there.  I asked him what he liked best about the school and he told me, “they were actually nice to me”.  Obviously, that broke my heart and at that point, I just wanted him out of his previous school. We transferred him at the end of the 2nd trimester.  I was hopeful that the teachers and staff would be more concerned about his well-being. I very quickly saw that the teachers, staff, and students cared for my son. The teachers and staff did not have to be on top of his behavior because it just did not exist.  Bullying was a non- issue at RCA.  The atmosphere is just not conducive to bullying behavior.  Now every day when he comes home from school he is usually laughing and tells me about something funny they did that day. The confidence and huge smile on his face sum up what RCA did for him and I cannot even express how much it did for me to see him back to the happy kid he used to be.”

RCA is so glad that we can work to be a safe haven for children in our area who are the victims of bullying. We have worked with children who have suffered from emotional, verbal and physical bullying and strive to create an atmosphere that is bully-free. This goal is only possible because we always have Christ at the core of our school, and God is Love.

Do you think your child is a bullying situation? Click Here and research the different kinds of bullying that are common today, and the impact they could be having on your child

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